The selector isn't working as it should

I’m a web only free version.
why the selector doesn’t show the encircling dotted square to indicate the selection of various objects?
I couldn’t find anything anywhere in the app to help. I’d appreciate any help, thanx…

Generally that’s a graphics issue. Which browser are you using?

Your profile indicates you are using a rather old Mac. Apple hasn’t supplied updates for the Nvidia graphics cards for some years. That may be the problem, too.

Which browser are you using? Check if there exists a newish version of Chrome that you could install. I understand that old versions of Safari tend to have problems with WebGl.

I was using the 2017 version previously and never have had that problem. It does select many objects when I encircle them, but it is really uncomfortable not being able to see what I’m doing.
Is there anything I can do?

The desktop version uses OpenGL while the web version uses WebGL. Different critters.

Please answer the question about which browser you are using.


So as @Anssi suggested, use Chrome. Safari is not a recommended browser for use with SketchUp for Web due to inadequate WebGL support.

Safari Versión 13.1.2 (13609.

Ok, I’ll do that and report back. Thank to you all.

See: Getting Started with SketchUp for Web | SketchUp Help

Especially the part about using a recommended web browser.

Following your advise I wen to help and installed the Firefox browser then in SketchUp I opened Preferences, once there opened the Open Gl option and choosed: 0x. That solved the problem. Thnks again.

Well, that wasn’t my advise but since it worked, that’s good.

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