The Power of SketchUp with Kitchen Design



The layout of this kitchen was completed for a client as a preliminary layout for review. Colors and door styles may change, however the layout revolves around the placement of the appliances as well as the desk. The windows are centered over the sink with enough space between the sink and range top to provide plenty of workspace. Note the lowered island table…here I have engineered a free-span suspended semi-circular top with a steel under carriage to support the load of the top for the potential that a kid and/or an adult sitting on top. All of the plumbing is be placed in the dead space between the cabinets so there are no obstructions in any cabinets in the island.

The last image (#3) shows the under counter microwave drawer installed flush with the cabinets. On each side of the microwave will be a pull-out waste on one side and a pull-out recycle on the other. You can see this by looking at the door handle that is centered and horizontal on the door. I have added as many pullouts as allowed by design and all drawers along the top line up throughout.

All of this done 100% in SketchUp along with the CabMaker Plugin…what a great plug-in. When this kitchen is done I will be able to send it to any cabinet maker for pricing as I will have a complete cutlist and material list for 100% of all the parts associated with each cabinet.


Gorgeously drawn and rendered - really gorgeous. Great looking kitchen, almost photographic.


Made some revisions…work in progress


Tons of revisions…here is the next iteration…


Amazing. I didn’t realize sketchup was this powerful. How did you make this scene look like this, haha? I’m a beginner amatuer interior designer and I just have white boxes everywhere. Is there some place anyone can point me to as far as videos or extensions that could help. Thanks.


and what is doing the renders? cabmaker?


Podium is the render engine

Peter Anthony


I’ve used Podium too. I found the renders always need exposure adjustment after the fact with Photoshop or Lightroom (or their own editor, perhaps, but I use the first two). Tweak the exposure curve in post processing and they won’t look so dark. Every time I’ve tried to just lighten the original rendering settings, it just burns out the highlights, so I haven’t found better way other than post processing.


I try not to post pp images so people can see raw images.