The Power of Sketchup...Modeling

SketchUp provides the tools necessary to build anything you can visualize…Alot of work, but the client was able to see the entry foyer.


SketchUp Modeling and Animation…Building a hidden door for a client…

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Wow. Very nice work on the stair. Would love to see a few more details / close ups.

Ok…here is a few more shots of the structure including the stairs and other modeling. This complex model was put together in order to help the client visualize the interior space dimension for objects such as the stairs, foyer chandelier, fireplace marble wall elevation, front and rear glazed openings and many other areas including bathrooms, ceilings…


That’s amazing! My inner fairy tale princess is loving this.

It might look even better exported to Layout, with a reduction of the line thickness. Or using a light-colored pencil line style, perhaps.

Did you use the CLF Component Stringer extension? Or Eneroth’s Upright Extruder?

Peter, the video isn’t playing for me. Is it working for anyone else?

I used several different plug-ins to accomplish all of the curves. Eneroths was one.

Seems to take a considerably long time to load the animation. I refreshed the page and the video loads.

Nice work!

That is quite a staircase. I’d Like to see some textured and rendered images.

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Unfortunately I never applied any texture to the model. The entire exercise was to visualize the space. Spent nearly a year going back and forth on bathrooms and bedrooms plus every ceiling in the house is exquisitely designed. Maybe someday I’ll texture and render it…need time however.

Thanks for your kind remarks.

The power of SketchUp…

This is what the manufacturer provided for the client to review…

Using the above 2D drawing I was able to recreated the mantle surround in 3D and provide the client with a preview of the surround that sold the unit hands down.


I then sent the manufacture detailed dimensions of what they needed to reproduce what I drew in SketchUp

No question about it…what would you prefer. A dumb 2D CAD drawing or an actual 3D representation of what the finished product is going to look like…


Wow really good work. What was the process for placing the Balusters on the staircase in the first model you posted, I assume that it was not by hand but via a selection of plugins. It would be great to know, it looks more complicated than Path Copy?

At least Profile Builder is one that can help with tasks like this. I don’t really know if it was used in this case.

I used “Path Copy”. With a little work setting up the 3D path segments the group array copy worked well enough to show the spindle intent. It’s not perfect but I achieved a good look.

Oh nice work, I figured it was something more complicated than Path Copy but I guess not. I would say its a very good look!