The Only Aaron's Next Live Stream Modeling Project

We have one next to where I live, by Ichwan Noor:

Really nice, everytime I pass by can’t help to touch and feel!

Should be enough details here. :wink:


Where do you keep finding these things??!?!

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They just follow me home. :smiley:

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Vintage Barbie boat.

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Well, you need to start sending them away

Lol. I’ll try but the way they look at me, it’s difficult.

Megola Rotary Radial engine -1920’s German - in the front wheel.



Wow I’ve never seen a motorcycle with the engine in that position, Germans doing German things, in a good way! Ich liebe Deutschland!

Stolen from a (small) aeroplane? The name is Megola, BTW.

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I only copied the text I found.

To test @TheOnlyAaron’s mathing skills.


That looks more like it’s designed by AI…

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I had one of those. Cops insisted it be driven with the blinker on. On the Pro side, never had to rotate the tires.

Aaron is going to have to work in fractions on this one,


That’s my old school bus!

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1951 lawnmower built by Indian Motorcycles.


The aerodynamic design is lovely! It must have a fabulous speed. And the tail lights! Perfect!

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What’s with the “hood ornament?” Some sort of warrior with a rifle?