Live modeling a Cadillac Bicycle (due to popular request)

Join us at Noon (MDT) today as we model the Cadillac Bicycle as designed by Robert Eggar!

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Since you’ll finish the bike early, here’s another one for you.

The Morgan 3-wheeler would be easier to model as it has one wheel less. And it is a current model.

There is a lovely YouTube video showing their manufacturing process. The whole factory is a largish shed, and everything is made by hand.


I’d love to have one of those in the summer. Not so much in the winter around her, though.

Of course it is totally nonsensical as cars go, but it is probably the nearest thing a normal person can get to flying a WW I aircraft.

This is what the EU will miss when the British leave it.


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I had a SketchUp file that someone created years back that he used to render his cars. The settings were perfect so I decided to drop the Caddy Bike in there just for poops and grins. Unfortunately, the color Aaron used in his original creation didn’t render right so I changed it to the famous '57 Chevy turquoise. Also, the rendering program would not have seen the lines used as spikes so I fatten them up so they would render. I also made some changes to the “dash” to mimic the pictures found on the internet but you can’t see them in this rendering. The headlights are from the original car that was in here. I could not duplicate the settings that the original creator made of the headlights so I stoled them and scaled them down to fit the bike. Finally, I took away the Jimmy Durante front and squashed it to look more natural. I think that’s all the changes I made. I let it render overnight though it really didn’t need all of that time but this is a 15 hour render.


Well that is down right beautiful, right there!