The Only Aaron's Next Live Stream Modeling Project

Good question. I thought it might be a 3D version of the Indian logo.


Headlights in the tail? Yeeeez!

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They’re for flashing the clown who drives up from behind with their bright lights on.

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Was this design ever in production? Its weird shape reminds me of some submarine shapes that Studebaker had.

No idea. I found the image but didn’t research its origin.

It looks sort of like a Corvette, though.

Yes indeed, the front. The rear end was inspired by Captain Spock.

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With the proper blueprints and image references it could be done easily.

That was the consensus of my car friends: Customized Corvette in some way.

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I bet @TheOnlyAaron will focus on the barn, first😉

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haem… sure it’s not AI ?

Looking at the barn, and the wooden pieces (bracers…) and the “gills” on the front of the car, and many little things… I’m not sure it’s 100% real, is it ?

That’s a very reasonable question, though I’m not sure AI is that good yet. (That’s the back end of the car, BTW.)


As said, it’s the rear end of the car.
And looking at it closely I am pretty sure that the car is real. It doesn’t have symmetry mistakes that AI is very likely going to make.

yes. I can differentiate the front and the back of a car :slight_smile:
I’m talking about the air vents on the side next to the wheel, far right of the photo. they feel… off somehow.

Where did you find that one Dave ?

I think the real question is:
What in the world is that?

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A crashed mechanical elephant.

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The front X thing could be a rotisserie - the tool used to flip a car on itself

with an old car behind ?

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My mistake. I read “grills” (the round objects) instead of “gills”.

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Idk, looks connected to the machine to me. Like it couldn’t decide to do an airplane or a vintage truck.

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