The name of splitting and deleting a middle section

Hi there

I am wondering if this is possible and if it is, what the name of the process is so I can search how to do it.

I do not have SketchUp Pro and it is just for personal use so I can’t buy it either (sadly).

Imagine a long rectangle. I want to keep both ends of the rectangle and cut out a section in the middle, delete the middle then bring both ends of the rectangle back together to form a shorter rectangle. I can’t push/pull because there are windows and details on each end and in the middle that I want to keep as is. I just want to take what is there and slice out some of the space to make it smaller.

Is this possible?

The move tool might be enough.
(You should share an image or the model to get a more specific answer…)

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You are right! It’s as simple as the move tool! Holy cow. I didn’t see that coming!

I’m sorry, I should have said thanks. Thank you so much for your help!