The menu tools are slow

When using the tools working with a model the screen locks for several minutes and sometimes freezes. The curser remains in the same mode and useless. Then have to exit the screen. I know in other programs such as microsoft word, the same occurs.

What is the graphics card? What version of SketchUp? Please complete your profile.

Does this happen every time you try to use a menu or only periodically? How large is the SketchUp file? Is it possible SketchUp is doing an autosave at the time this occurs?

The Sketch is the Pro-version. Sorry, not sure the type of graphic card I have. Its a new Dell laptop, and I think an “AMD” model or Inspiron 14-7000. But I know its a premium model of Dell. This just started recently. The file size is 77, 607 KB according to the file icon description. But I had other similar files that didn’t act the same way. It happens about every 2-3 minute intervals. After navigating around my models for another minute without interruption, the problem returns and slows everything down. I’m not sure if its in auto save, but don’t think so since the file icon description still shows the same date and time until only up until I manually save each time.

What year, though? 2021 or something else?

The Auto Save file is a different file than your working file so looking at your working file won’t tell you much.

In Preferences turn off Auto Save temporarily and see if the slow down goes away.

Go to the graphics card manufacturer’s site to get and install their latest drivers for your graphics card.

Its a 2021 Sketchup, which I did recently update since 2020 and 2019. I’ll check preferences to turn off auto save for improvement. Is the graphics card manufacture’s site part of Dell computers? If so I’ll check their website. thanks

So put that and the graphics card model in your profile.

No. If it’s an AMD card, it’ll be AMD’s site. Don’t trust Dell or Windows to tell you that the graphics drivers are up to date.

Thanks for attaching the link to AMD support. Will see if this improves and let you know. thanks.