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HI Sketchup Team. I have posted these feature request before and would still love to either see them implemented or some feedback on their utility.

All relate to Layout.

  1. Fixed length witness lines on dimensions so that you could set them as say 5mm either side of the dimension string regardless of how far you drag them from the model. Add a button to flip between fixed or full length. (Yes I know I can use the eyedropper tool to ‘drop’ the style and length from one dim to another but it references the relative distance from the model to the dim and therefore doesn’t work for the next set of dims closer or further from the model)

  2. 2 extra Default layers. DIMENSIONS AND TEXT (or Annotation) that Auto select when you activate either the dimension tool or one of the text tools. Generally if you are going to create dimensions or text you would want them to be on their own layer so you can turn them off/on - Due to my own ineptitude - the amount of times I have to go back and choose my notes or dims and then transfer to the DIMS or NOTES layers (that I have to create) drives me nuts.


Sam - couple of your requests are decent. Some exist already - No. 18 Go to 'Window - Preferences - Shortcuts - (in the search field “component edit - hide rest of model” - Create your own shortcut. I personally have ctrl H to show/hide when editing a group/component. I also have set up ctrl + shift + V for ‘paste in place’ (aka photoshop). I’ve installed the ‘Weld’ Plugin and set up ctrl + W for a keyboard shortcut to weld curves, etc into polylines. I have also set up alt+V to switch between parallel projection and perspective modes. These are just a few of my time savers. Good luck.