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I design machines with lots of moving parts & I think sketch up really needs to move to 4D; ie have an abtilty within the proper programme(not an extension) to enable you to animate your model properly.
I have tried all the extensions available to do this and they just do not work properly or reliably.
It would use the tools move, rotate,scale that are within the menu and record with a timeline. think this would vastly improve the usefulness effectiveness of this software.

It would be great if keyboard-shortcut changes would save while the app is running. Sometimes I change keyboard-shortcuts and when Sketchup crashes the change isn’t saved permanently. They do work after changing them in preferences, but after a crash, they don’t stick. It seams SketchUp saves the keyboard changes on closing the app. Could this behavior change to saving the keyboard changes while the app is running?

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a related idea from a year ago mostly for tablet users or repeated use of some keys ,I get this posted and trim it latter if it seems ,

1 / the edit numbers box opens after each constuction if active.
2 / it seems quite difficult to edit or create custom keyboards
that one thinks should be definitive by now ,windows has a vast selection
of caractors that it seems are only usable one at a time ,I have finnally managed to add a + - symbol to my keyboard and am in the process (14months) of adding the 3 dot therefore symbol ,the custom hotkeys idea was partly normal keyboard constuction and for hotkeys,
3/ simply (thanks to people who no how to write programms)
dag as to create a box and subsequently create (and add) as many boxs
as needed ,deleat any junction lines for larger fields then drag
and drop required fonts , all that remains is an option to create
a custom personel font by file type ,store them and so on ,Jon

In my opinion I would like to see these changes:

  1. List of materials organized by object, it helps not time to clean unnecessary materials from 3D objects;
  2. A tool to traverse the environment as if it were a human being walking, running or flying;
  3. The most fluid working area. Whenever I work with a project over 30mb my viewport starts to lock the camera and when I export to other software this lock ceases to exist.
  4. Applying the flip face function is complicated because the material is also changed in direction. The ideal would be if we could choose if the face will be inverted with the material or without material or Sketchup could not allow the application of materials on negative faces, but this is not very practical.

Expand Tags control in Layout:
Not only visibility, also layercolor, linestile and maybe lineweight (?!?) should be editible in Layout for each tag in every viewport. In combination with the style control this would also massivly expand the flexibility of styling in Layout

Hello. My feature request pitch is to be able to give colour to individual layers, exactly like in photoshop. I use SketchUp for architecture, lots of layers. It would be great to easily see a few layers I turn on and off often by their colour when I scroll through my layers quickly.

While I’m at it, it would be great to have right-click functionality on the layers to do things like “select all objects on layer” in addition to being able to do this in the model.

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Click on the little detail button in the panel, enable ‘Color by tag/layer’

Thanks, Mike. Unfortunately, that shows the model objects in the colour of the layer. It does not show the layer inside the layer panel highlighted in a colour, which is what my feature request asks for. see my example image below.

By the way, I have three options in the details dropdown:

  1. Select all
  2. Purge
  3. Color by layer


I am using SketchUp Pro 2019

Have you tried the third option ‘Color by Layer’?
I only referred to Tag/layer because layers are now called tags.

Yes. That colours the objects that are on the layer, not the layer itself.

Ah, now I understand…:slight_smile:
You can sort by color, though, or name or linestyle.
Mind you, the layers do **not ** own the objects, it’s the other way around, merely, hence the rephrasing to ‘tags’

Thanks, Mike. Yeah, I know but so many layers… So a further colouring system for layers in the layer panel would be advantageous to minimizing workflow times.

Currently, other arch-cad programs use less and less layers (like Revit)
It’s all about objects, now. Try to minimize by another system (like Condoc tools) or use an extension that manages layers.

Not everything in SketchUpis modeled as a component, though. So hopefully SketchUp will consider making layer management better.

2 Layout features:

1 - Functions in Tables ( add, subtract, sum …etc ). This is a must when having the ability to add tables.

2 - Wires would cool and kinda work like the labeling tool but a wire could grab info and then put it into a cell or a text object or whatever ( they wouldn’t print and would need a show and hide wires toggle ). That way it would be a live connection and would feel very Sketchupy.

something like this ^

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Multi user collaboration in SketchUp web. Something what looks like multiplayer in gaming :slight_smile: This would be new place for people who have grown out of a minecraft.

I can imagine meeting friends/clients and modeling together with talks on discord.

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When dimensioning in LayOut, I wish I could make changes to the text field for multiple dimensions simultaneously. I regularly do drawings where I need to add a text suffix (say “MIN.” or “TYP.” or “+/-”) to multiple dimensions. In AutoCAD, this is a simple process of selecting the dimensions and placing the desired suffix in the appropriate properties field. In LayOut, I have to drill down into the individual dimension, insert the text, then back out and repeat on the next dimension - over and over again.

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Toolbox Love :heartbeat:

Please make the toolboxes pop out and in like the web version of sketchup. Except do it when you hit the side of the screen where the toolboxes are like Autocad (no click needed). They are always in the way and you only use them about 10% of the time. It is especially annoying when using Sketchup split screen like I do sometimes when referencing a floorplan.

Also, for Mac at the very least make the color toolbox work like the rest. It has man too many years now that I have to keep moving around this box out of the way. At least the others can be collapsed.

Please Please Please with cherries and rum? on top. Whatever you need.

I have seen other software have a voting system for feature requests - which then shows a rank order for each feature request based on votes cast.