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I design machines with lots of moving parts & I think sketch up really needs to move to 4D; ie have an abtilty within the proper programme(not an extension) to enable you to animate your model properly.
I have tried all the extensions available to do this and they just do not work properly or reliably.
It would use the tools move, rotate,scale that are within the menu and record with a timeline. think this would vastly improve the usefulness effectiveness of this software.

It would be great if keyboard-shortcut changes would save while the app is running. Sometimes I change keyboard-shortcuts and when Sketchup crashes the change isn’t saved permanently. They do work after changing them in preferences, but after a crash, they don’t stick. It seams SketchUp saves the keyboard changes on closing the app. Could this behavior change to saving the keyboard changes while the app is running?

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a related idea from a year ago mostly for tablet users or repeated use of some keys ,I get this posted and trim it latter if it seems ,

1 / the edit numbers box opens after each constuction if active.
2 / it seems quite difficult to edit or create custom keyboards
that one thinks should be definitive by now ,windows has a vast selection
of caractors that it seems are only usable one at a time ,I have finnally managed to add a + - symbol to my keyboard and am in the process (14months) of adding the 3 dot therefore symbol ,the custom hotkeys idea was partly normal keyboard constuction and for hotkeys,
3/ simply (thanks to people who no how to write programms)
dag as to create a box and subsequently create (and add) as many boxs
as needed ,deleat any junction lines for larger fields then drag
and drop required fonts , all that remains is an option to create
a custom personel font by file type ,store them and so on ,Jon