The Engineering Toolbox Extension is not working correctly

I am using SU 2015 Pro on Windows 8.1 64 bit machine. I have installed The Engineering Toolbox via Extension Warehouse, after the install I closed out SU and restarted. When I use the extension the new window pops up everything seems to be in place. However when I try to insert a component from the selected list nothing happens.

I watched the tutorial video and noticed that before selecting to insert the pipe there is a small menu directly at the end of the size list that allows you to choose the length of the pipe, the units of measurement to use, color, and offset etc ( mark 0:24 in video) . Well when my window loads, EVERYTHING else loads except that menu at the bottom of the size list. Therefore I can NOT choose the other elements needed to create the component to insert. Any of the items from the categories will not insert. When I do click the insert button NOTHING happens.

However, on the main page of the extension I AM able to insert the following objects, Line, Horizontal Plane, Vertical Plane, and Box. The knife function seems to work, but I have not messed with it enough to know if I am using it correctly or not.

For what I am doing I need to be able to use the lumber functions, as well as the different types of building steel. So far none of the objects will insert, and I do believe it has something to do with the missing menu.

If anyone can help or even direct me where to go I would be greatly appreciative! I can not find a FAQ or even a help menu anywhere for this extension.


when on the ‘Main Dialog’ if you make the window wider, there are some notes…

this includes one about IE needing it’s cache updated for somethings to work…


so much words, one word at the right place would have been enough…

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Thank you, yes, I tried the F5 to refresh the cache, but it zero effect.

do you see the banner ads [Sponsored Links] when it’s open in SU?

Cotty, I did see that post, I read the post, it did NOT apply to what I was experiencing. I come from the world where details can help solve problems. My apologies if my explanation of the issue I am experiencing offended you.

If you found that topic, you should continue the discussion there next time. With a new post, it will be very difficult for persons with the same problem in the future to find a solution in different topics with the same content but maybe different resolutions.

Here is what it looks like when I open the extension.

when you scroll down are you seeing this type of advertisement?

Yes sir, I do see a sponsored ad banner at the bottom.

so it’s not ad blocking causing the issue…
but it is definitely something to do with the javascript used on the site…

btw… I do see the ‘options’ dialog at the bottom of each

I’m also showing the number of js errors I’m getting…

Check that your Internet Options [IE] are not overly restrictive…

TIG, thank you, but I am not even sure what to check as far as the restrictions are concerned. I turned off the Protective Mode under the Security Tab, completely to see if that did anything, It didn’t. Then I turned it back on.

This is what I have. I am not certain how to show the “JS debugging”…just guessing that is what you did.

What version of IE are you using ?
About IE ==
v11 ?

TIG, yes sir I am using Ver.11.

I’m on a mac so it’s ‘almost’ built in…
but you can inject Firebug Light into WebDialogs, may @TIG knows how…



Details that help solve problems are also urls (very important details). I guess you were on:

You also don’t see the sections “About the Engineering ToolBox” and “Something Missing?” when you access it from inside SketchUp?

Apparently this is not exactly the same issue that others had with “Insert!”, it must have another root of error in the initialization or onload event, so before any of our debugging tools step in. We can not do much about it or find out more, because an important element is the website itself which we don’t own. Instead you should have contacted the website owner (as you can see when you scroll down a bit).

I second @Aerilius’s comments. The problem does not seem to be due to a SketchUp setting or usage, so the solution must come from the Engineering Toolbox’s author.

No sir, I do not see the sections “About the Engineering ToolBox” and “Something Missing?”, when I access the extension from within SketchUp. That section is NOT visible at all to me. As I stated in my first post, I looked and was unable to find sections such as Help or FAQ, if I had I would have MOST ASSUREDLY started there.

But thank you so very much for helping me track that down. I will see what help I can get using that information.