Engineering Toolbox for Windows not working with SU 2022

I installed the Engineering Toolbox on my work PC using the Extension Manager

It shows in the list of installed extension and it status is active.

It shows in the Extensions Menu.

It starts when chosen in the Extension menu but it takes a very long time 1 min 37 sec as compared with the Mac less than 1 sec.

However, subsequent openings are as quick as on the Mac.

The problems that, when I want to insert something, like a piping flange, it doesn’t work.

I though it might have the same delays so I used Piping → Flanges → ASMEB16.5 - Slip-on Flanges - 150 lbs and I timed it.

After more than 10 minutes, still nothing.

I will try contacting someone on their web page

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