Getting started with Engineering Toolbox

I downloaded and installed it.
I went to Open Stair
I spec’d a staircase and clicked “Insert into SketchUp”
Nothing happens – or I am not doing something I am supposed to do.
I read the suggested similar topic, but it was for a Windows computer and had Windows-specific solutions. I am on a Mac.

I did not try, but only a guess: It may have failed to execute. The Engineering Toolbox evaluates ruby code from their website without further safety checking, and possibly the code was only tested for an earlier version of SketchUp.

When you open the Window → Ruby Console, do you see an error when you click the insert button?

That’s odd. I just tried the same on my Mac and it ran fine without errors:

Thanks. When you said, “it ran without errors.” Precisely what happened. You clicked the insert button, and … what? (Is it added to the clipboard? Does it magically appear on the active drawing? Does it open a new drawing? What is the expectation?)

Oh, I have a clue. The Extension Manager report that the extension has an “Invalid Signature.” I will pursue that.

Red herring.

The Invalid Signature thing has no bearing on whether or not the extension works in SketchUp. If you have the Loading Policy set to Unrestricted (which you would since the extension is clearly loading) thesignature status is immaterial.

Yes, an instance magically appeared in the drawing at the origin.

System console reports this when I click the “Insert” button:
3/18/17 2:34:46.874 PM WindowServer[196]: send_datagram_available_ping: pid 560 failed to act on a ping it dequeued before timing out.

That message suggests that the Engineering Toolbox extension attempts to make sure the server is accessible by sending a ping message before doing the insert. Either there was a network delay that caused the reply to come too late or a firewall between your computer and the ET server blocked the ping. That is not unusual for a firewall because ping is a favorite tool for hackers probing whether a computer is vulnerable.

I gave up and just drew the stairs from scratch,

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