Insert issue with Engineering Toolbox extension

I have a problem with inserting certain function lines from custom points. I can insert the first example spreadsheet, but not the second example spreadsheet or my own figures that I insert.

I am using Sketch up 2021 Pro on a Windows computer. When I press insert from the engineering toolbox window nothing appears in my model.

(I tried Sketch up Pro 2020 and still have the same problem, and I have uninstalled and reinstalled Sketch up Pro and Engineering toolbox).

Would appreciate any advice or help

  • Can you post a link to the page of the tool (or its name) that you have been running from engineering toolbox?
  • Can you open Window → Ruby Console before running that tool and tell us if an error is displayed?
    SketchUp extensions need to be compatible with the SketchUp version (and its Ruby programming language interpreter version). It may be that some code for an old version of Ruby does not run with a new Ruby interpreter because it does not follow any new syntax rules. Since the engineering toolbox runs code from the web, not only the locally installed extension’s version is crucial, but also the version of the Ruby code on the web.

Here is the link for the tool, the second example set of data does not insert anything on my model.

Does anyone else have this same problem or advice how to fix it.

I can confirm this behaviour. BUT:
This is a known issue as - as well as The “how to fix it” - is written there just below the “input text field”… :wink:


"Note! - there may be problems with larger data sets. A workaround is to split a larger dataset in to smaller chunks. Ungroup and regroup the datasets in the model afterwards if a group is required."

Thanks so much!!
Can you direct how to split and group and regroup for a rookie.
Thanks :slight_smile:


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Thank you!

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