The Bottle Making


The bottle making. I analyse the key mesh of this bottle. And I use the vertex tools to adjust the mesh and point which is plugin of sketchup by thomthom. Finally I use the Artisan plugin to subdivide the surface.
Sketchup2018 & Vertex tools & Artisan


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Nice result. Normally VertexTools try to preserve the quad mesh, is there a specific reason why you have triangles in your proxy? If you only have quads, you should give SubD a run too (it’s in you second toolbar).



In this model, I only use Vertex tools to control the point which connects the mesh of adjustment. So I do not make quadface and choose Artisan for subdivide rather than SUBD. And I feel that SUDB and quadface tools by thomthom are also good choice. I often use these plugins to make some ploygon models.