The best extension for valves?

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I’m looking for an extension that offers an assortment of valves for use in the oil field. I’m currently using 3Skeng for Piping and Steel Work, but I’m not seeing that many choices for valves. Any help would be appreciated.


although the link to models is broken, it is worth looking at redfox11’s posts on SketchUcation…


Thanks John for the reply. It would have been awesome to get ahold of that link. I’m afraid I’m not experienced enough with SU to make my own valves. Guess that answers my thought concerning valve options in 3Skeng. I’ll keep diving deeper.

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You might try the The Engineering Toolbox

What you need may actually be quite simple. If you just need a selection of valves to place in the pipelines you can model them and save them as components to use whenever you need them.
Give us an image of one valve and see how quick it is to model one. Best would be an exploded drawing with dimensions, but failing that a good image with a couple of dimensions would probably be enough.

or: VBO Piping

You can add your own Valves, easily.

Download valves here:


Thanks Box. Being new to SU I guess I’m just getting over whelmed trying to find the right option. Basically I’m looking for some check valve options, as well as some simple components such as o-lets and pipe shoes. Here’s some info on a check valve I would be using.

Beric-cast-steel-valves-2015-Check-Valve-150 cut sheet dimensions.pdf (450.5 KB)

There’s a “View Dimensional Info” button on the top right.

Thanks sooo much for the help.


It wouldn’t be too terribly difficult to create a model of that valve. How much detail do you actually need to show? If the check valve is just a component in a larger system, you probably don’t need much more than a sort of bulge to place in the line. Make it a component and give it an appropriate name so you can label it easily when you get to LayOut. If your SketchUp model is only about the check valve itself, then maybe you want more detail but for an entire system, you surely don’t need the interior details at all.

If I was modeling a plumbing system, I wouldn’t even both making the pipes hollow. I’d extrude cylinders instead.

I don’t think the dimensional info came through. I don’t see that button in Reader, anyway.

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So what’s the process of making something you draw a component? I use 3Skeng as my piping extension.

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Making components in SketchUp is a pretty fundamental part of it. For something like this check valve as a simple component, I would just draw two intersecting cylinders, select the geometry, hit G for Create Component and give it a name.

You can also do things like setting the component axes to make insertion easier and things like that but you need to get through the basics first. Maybe you could take some time to go through the fundamentals here.

Thank you so much sir.

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Or you can buy them here from iDrawnics for a pittance:

The plugin itself seems to have been abandoned without an update since 2016. In fact they have a warning on the website that it might not work for SU2018 and beyond.

But the pre-built component packs should be fine in any case, and the one for valves, controls and pumps has 70 components for $4.95

May be worth checking out.

Edit: I’ve just corresponded with the developer and iDrawnics wasn’t upgraded for 2018/19 because lack-of-interest didn’t justify additional investment. Still works fine for any version from 2013-2017

Thanks db11