Extensions or plugins for plumbing pipes and electrical wiring

I want Extensions or plugins for plumbing pipes and another for electrical wiring. I know tgere is 3skeng but it is way too expensive and out of my leaguy cost-wise. Are there other extensions or plugins out there that can do pipe plumbing and electrical wiring that are considerably cheaper or better still free?

You might try Pipe Along Path from Sketchucation. Not sure what else might run in SketchUp 7.

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And there’s always plain old follow me.


I’m in agreement with you on 3Skeng extensions, they seem rather useful, but the associated pricing isn’t justifiable in my case.

VBO Piping
The Engineering ToolBox
Draw pipes from lines PRO
Eneroth Pipe
PipeDraft Extension for SketchUp, but it’s been depracated

I’m sure you’ll find some more if you took the time to look.