Extension for Wiring and Cabling

Does an extension for electrical wiring and cabling exist? I’ve searched and found none and was surprised that this has not been addressed by anyone.


There are some extensions that could be useful for that. What kind of detail are you anticipating? How would you use it?

Medeek Electrical has a wiring component. $45 annual fee? There is also Oob which is $49. I do most of my electrical in layout and have the symbols on a scrapbook.

Thank you gentlemen. I’ll investigate the Medeek extension.

I really just want to draw some simple diagrams showing wiring with wire colors and some simple electric and electronics symbols.

Look in the 3D Warehouse. You’ll probably find the symbols or you can easily draw them with native tools. The wiring diagram can be easily done with native tools, too.

Are you expecting to end up with 2D schematics or a 3D model?

If you use Layout there is a good scrapbook availalbe here:
https://mastersketchup.com/product/electrical-symbol-scrapbook/ Cost is $5.00 which is cheaper than building your own. The wires can be drawn with arcs or splines.

if creating wiring in SU (most times in LO but sometimes 3D details are needed) i draw lines as needed then use a plugin - pipe along path - with settings for 1/2" dia outer, 0 inner,and 4 or 6 sides (to keep the geometry lighter) and set into a tag “elec_wiring”. then color the lines as needed. the tag is useful so you can hide them in LO when you want to use “standard” wiring lines.

Maybe you can get some ideas from this video complex Cables in SketchUp by Tyson.