The ability to "lock" geometry on dynamic components

Would it be possible to lock just some geometry inside a component? In the example below I had to break the back of the drawer up into 5 pieces in order to retain the highlighted geometry’s shape and size. If we had the ability to highlight certain geometry and “lock it in”, complex dynamic models could be simplified considerably.

Have you considered using nested components, their local origin and axes being fixed, tied to the parent’s origin and axes?


When you want to preserve the size and position of a subcomponent or group within a DC so that it won’t stretch or move when the parent is scaled, add to it he needed Len and position parameters and set them to a fixed numeric value.

Thanks for the replies above. Yes, we are using nested components to lock the sizes and geometry when required. The challenge is more sub-components are required. The drawer back in my example has 5 sub-components to achieve what we need. With the ability to lock some geometry it would have only needed one.

Another driver here would be if the resulting 3D objects are headed for some sort of CAM processing. Take the rabbet example below. It would take 2 nested components to hold the size when stretching the component vertically, otherwise you get the result in the center. If you could “lock” the size of the geometry indicated in orange it would only take one. Simpler modeling, easier CAM processing later.

Yes, but that is not possible in SketchUp. The Family Editor in Revit works kind of this way, but otherwise I don’t think Revit is very ideal for this kind of product design.