Locking an angle when resizing the piece its part of

Hi All,
Is there a way to keep an angle locked on a nested group when it is resized by it parent component?

Any input to solve this would be a great help.

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Sash.skp (786.3 KB)

I don’t see any angles such as miters in your model but it does behave strangely when the height is changed. This is after changing the height from 60 to 40 in.

If you are thinking about miter or bevel angles on the frame pieces for example, you can’t scale the part where the angle is. Resizing is normally a scaling operation with DCs. One option is to divide the part into three separate components. Scale the center section to adjust the length and move one of the ends the same distance.

Hi Dave,
There is a 4 deg. angle at the bottom of the component. It is strange that the stops are not aligned for you. That is the part that is working for me on my setup.

Thank you for looking at this.


Ian, my apologies for not catching the 4° bevel. I only saw what I take to be the glass stops and the glass. Nothing else, though.

So to keep that bevel you need to at least make the bottom part of the component separate from the rest. So you have two components for one part. Then set up the resizing to change the component without the bevel so the beveled part doesn’t get scaled.

Thank you!!! What a simple solution.


It is a simple solution as long as you don’t want to also create a parts list for cutting the pieces from that component. :wink:

Good to know. I haven’t gotten that far yet. But I’m sure I will want to create cut lists for this stuff at some point.

If you’ll need to do that, make your components so that you can easily modify them for the cutlist generation. Example: Suppose you have a rail with a tenon on each end that is part of a dynamic component. To avoid the tenons changing length when the rail is resized, make it as three separate bottom level components and wrap them up together in a component. When you’re ready for the cut list, explode those three bottom level components so you have all of their geometry within the larger component. that will wreck the DC but give you the right dimensions in the cut list.

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