Dynamic Components - Hold Angles, Adjust Length

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I’m looking for a suggestion to adjust the length of a component through component options while holding an angled end at, for example, 45 degrees.

It doesnt seem possible to create components from individual faces and alter their positions thus holding the rotation angle of the face.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Resizing DCs involves scaling which isn’t appropriate if you’ve got something like a miter angle that you want to preserve. To get around that, divide the component into three components. A miter component at each end and a central section that is straight. Then set the DC up so the center section’s length can be adjusted by scaling and move one of the miter sections to the end of the scaled center section.

Thanks for clarifying, Dave. That works - I can even hide the connection lines so it appears to be one component visually.

The one rub for me on that is when I generate a report, each nested component and the main component populate a line which I will have to delete so only the outer dimensions show for a cutlist, any ideas? I guess I could add a prefix like “0” to the nested components so when I generate the report I can just sort it and delete them…

Yes. That’s a big “rub” for me, too. I’d prefer to use a single component for a single part in my projects so if I have to show things such as miters, I just don’t use DC’s. It’s easy enough to resize a mitered frame for a door, for example, without it being a DC so I just skip the DC. The CutList extension I use shows the lowest level components so it wouldn’t matter how I name them and I don’t want to have to edit the cutlist to replace three components with a single one and do the math to make sure I have the dimensions right.

Put all ‘sub’components’ in a wrapper (component) with the attributes you wish to use at the top level.
Then Generate report only level 0-1 for quantities and sizes.
A component does not need to be an representation of an object (Geometry) per se, it could easily be a combination of groups, (other) components, guidelines, stray edges and even section planes. The meta data ( be it a simple name or calculated measurements derived from a nifty formula based on position of nested ‘sub’ parts can be accesed by the generate report function…

Hey guys,

Thanks for the input. This will definitely allow me to continue developing a workflow that suits my needs. Much appreciated!!

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