TF Make Shop Drawings

I’ve used this function a lot on several of my Timber Frame projects. For some reason, this particular project, when I right click on a component, the TF Make Shop Drawings option is greyed out and not available. Why?

Impossible to say without seeing examples of models that work ok and ones that don’t. Can you share some so we can see what differs?

Sketch.skp (104.3 KB)

This is the one that doesn’t work.

Woodshed - 2.skp (808.3 KB)

And this one works.

One thing I noticed in Sketch.skp is that there is a component called “Clipping Box From SketchUp Selection” that visually but not structurally nests one of the assemblies.

Where do you see that?

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There is some sort of point cloud information in the drawing:

I deleted the point cloud thing, purged the drawing and I needed to explode the truss groups. Then there are only 2 components that don’t work:

I explode this and make it again… and it works:

I’m not sure what is happening behind the scenes but something isn’t allowing the TFRuby to work properly.

I would send the model to @daiku and see if he can figure out what happened.

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Thank you and sorry about the personal info. I will try to replicate what you did, unless you send back the cleaned up version you have?

Just use the outliner, delete the Clipping Box thing, then purge.

You will then need to explode the truss groups, and find the two top chords that don’t work with the make TF Shop drawing… explode and re-make into component and you should be good to go.

FYI - I find it much nicer / easier to work when all my timbers are made with the Z (blue) axis being the long direction. It keeps the bounding boxes tight to the timber and it also makes generating lists a bit easier to double check - sometimes I see errors with client models when they build timbers in situ with the component axis following the world axis instead of logically how a timber would be built / orientated.

Using the Z axis as the long dimension also makes it super easy to stretch or move timbers with joinery - just select what you want, press M for move and then hit the up arrow… no need for guides or aligning things properly.

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‘Timber Frame’ is not a SketchUp version:

You can update it by clicking on the ‘G’ icon that is in your posts, then navigate to the preferences and update your hardware and software information.

Thank you so much for the fix, I was able to make it work. And thanks for the tip on the Z axis, I will experiment with it. I’m relatively new drawing and making timberframes. Any suggestion on courses to help with my drawings?

Or you can reach out direct for one on one via Zoom

If you are a Timber Framers Guild Member send me a private message and I will coordinate with you about a peer to peer group that meets once a month.

Perfect, I’m tied up today but will reach out as soon as I can. thanks