Textures won't rotate

Textures have always acted a little funny imo…
Textures on the chamfered face will not rotate, NOR will the top.
I went as as far as to explode them, just to get the word Texture to appear in context menu…
Any ideas?

Textures need to be applied directly to faces if you want the option to rotate them and then you need to select only one face to get the right click Texture option. You should turn on hidden geometry to show any potential hidden edges.

Here’s an example of what I mean. All three squares are ‘the same’ but different.
As you see the different qualities of each mean the texture behaves differently.


Note: I’m not suggesting you need to explode groups to make the textures work, that was just to show that exploding will transfer the texture to the faces. Editing the group and applying your textures to the faces is the appropriate method when you need to change their position. Solid colours can be used on groups, but be aware that materials on faces override materials on ‘containers’.

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