How to rotate textures

Hiya guys,

Just wondering if its possible to rotate textures. It seems that many people have an option to right click and have a texture sub menu however i do not seem to have this. Does anybody know what my problem is and if so what is the best way to do it?

Not exactly without seeing the model. You will have that option if you apply the material to faces and not component or group wrappers. You also need to be right clicking on a single face. If you are trying to rotate the texture on a curved surface, you’ll need to first expose the hidden geometry and then rotate the material on a single face.

Thanks for the quick reply guys. Its a VERY simple model as i am simply testing this feature. I want the to face rotated so the corrugated texture faces up the ‘ramp’.

Well you’ll need to do as Dave suggests. Turn on Hidden geometry, Right-Click on the first segment of the curved ramp and select Texture > Position > Rotate > 90. Then just sample it with Alt+ Paint Tool and apply it to all the other segments up the ramp.

Lovley. Thanks a lot guys.