Rotate texture Sketchup pro 2019 Mac

Hello guys.
I used to rotate textures with the texture file which was located in Edit or right Click. I can’t find texture anywhere now. Any idea where texture could be hidden or maybe a new way to rotate texture in Skectup pro 2019 for Mac?
Many thanks for your help

This option in the right click Context menu will only be presented if the texture is applied to the face and you are right clicking on a single face. If the texture is applied to a group or component container or if the surface consists of more than one face, the option won’t be available.

Many thanks Dave, it is for an arch with bricks texture, the brick are not in the right position. I think I won’t have the choice to rotate section per section of the arch.
Thank you

Turn on the hidden geometry so you can rotate the texture on each face.

You could also use Fredo6’s ThruPaint in FredoTools to help with that sort of thing.

Thank you