Texture rotation

I have created a deck, and want to put a wood texture on the deck, spindles, railing, posts, etc. On a deck, the grain is always going to change. I have figured out how to rotate a texture on a surface, unless, I have made it into a group or componet. How do I rotate texture on a group. Do I have to get into edit mode on the group first, I have not tried that yet. Thanks.

Paint a surface to align, control, textures.

Applying the texture to the group is problematic because you would need to rotate the group to align with the texture or rotate the geometry within the group.

As Mike says, paint the faces inside the group to have the option to rotate the texture.

Editing the group will allow you to paint the faces and then you can rotate the texture.

If you’re using groups, you would likely find it better to use components. They’ll save you a great deal of work.

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