Textures problem

I’m having a trouble many time ago, the textures I import looks bad in the edge, see this image:Example

SU allows you to edit a texture using an external editor, like Photoshop or Gimp. Have you set up a default image editor? Then you could crop the image to get rid of the green bits.

You can edit texture inside of SketchUp…

The problem is that the original texture does not have those green pixels, but when I put it in Sketchup looks like that, that’s the problem.

Can you share the texture image?

If the textures are causing the problem, then maybe trying a different source would help. Textures.com is a great resource for free textures. To import a texture, just drag and drop the image file into the materials window.

Here’s the texture:

That’s way too small to be useful in SketchUp but…

Yes. it does have those green pixels. Screen shot from an image editor. Two pixel columns of green.

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