Editing Texture images

I am attempting to edit a texture image and the “edit texture image in external editor” is not opening Photoshop. I have selected Photoshop as my image editor in preferences. I have been able to make a new material and associate a .jpg image to it, But the small icon that is to the right of the image name will not open the image in a editor (photoshop), Been using Sketchup since 2001.

Strange, it works fine for me. At first it opened in Preview, but then I chose Photoshop in preferences, and then it opened with Photoshop. I could change the image, Save, and the changes would show up in SketchUp.

I’m using OS X and Sketchup for Mac

so am I…
there are some issues, on save after editing,
look at this link

as this seems different, can you directly open the original jpg in Photoshop?

if yes, go to the temp file [described in the other thread], and see if you can open that direct into Photoshop…

if yes, retry from SU, as it may be file associations/permissions issue…


Yes, and that’s the work around, by opening with Photoshop and creating new materials with the changed textures. But SU versions past, it worker great with no interrupt in the workflow.

So just to be clear I get to this point in the editor and attempt to click on the icon to the right of the name field and nothing happens.

click on ‘In Model’[House Icon] and then it should be editable, i.e. not when in the ‘Stone’ collection…

Ty I just now figured that out. So I can’t edit in the provided system libraries?

That’s the thing I clicked on, and after having selected Photoshop in preferences, the JPEG opened right away (well, it first launched Photoshop, then appeared).

Out of interest, if you right-click a surface that uses the texture, and select Texture/Edit Texture Image… , does that do any better?

If you apply the texture, then right-click, Make Unique Texture, you’ll have a texture you can change.

no, only ‘In Model’ can be edited, but you can then save that in your own collection for future use, rename it so it never clashes with the SU version…


But you don’t need to make a unique texture to be able to edit it. The texture just needs to be in the In Model library.

Right, doing the edit from a face texture seems to do all the make unique/duplicating for you. Making changes to the texture does not alter the library texture it was based on, only the one that is in the model.