Textures not lining up across hidden geometry

Good morning! I am trying to apply a vertical metal panel texture to an area that had several “crease” lines in it because of the different ways that I had to stretch the surface. Even though I softened and smoothed those lines out, when I apply the texture that I want, the metal panels don’t line up perfectly across the different areas. Is there a way to make the texture apply to the surface as a “whole”?

See attached drawing Thanks!!FRONT CANOPY (REV) 2018.skp|attachment (649.1 KB)

Use sketchUV extension to align your UV and then load UV and apply your texture. it will work. I use it on curved smooved mesh with a lot of hidden geometry and it works great. Do check out their tutorial before trying. i was a little confused at first too.


Thanks so much for the advice!! I’m anxious to try it out!!

Hey, am I supposed to go back and undo all the smoothing and softening of the lines before I use the extension?

Well, you don’t have to undo smoothing to use the plugin. You need edges only if you are smooving. UV doesn’t need it. Work on the parallel projection camera view. that’s all