Textures for buildings



Could someone please let me know how to add textures for buildings?
Currently I don’t have it in my sketch up pro trial version 2018.



start here:




If you have any questions, please be more specific, eg. what kind of texture (png/jpeg/pdf etc) It makes it easier for the people who want to help you.


You should watch the getting started tutorials on the official SketchUp YouTube. They go through the basics of material and texture application.

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Thank you @MikeWayzovski and @liamk887
Currently I am trying to create a building.
But need to get the windows on the sides of the buildings…When I look into the textures in my sketch up version, I have the colours but I don’t have the windows. Do I need to download this particular texture?
Could anyone please help me out with this


It would be helpful if you could be more descriptive and ideally post images of what you mean.

Are you trying to create the windows out of actual geometry and then use a material/texture to show the frames and glass. Or do you want to add a window in as a flat texture?

There are no textures for ‘windows’ but there are materials for ‘wood’ and ‘glass’ etc.


Thanks a lot for your responses. I am trying to build a 3d layout of a small city using Sketchup Pro 2018 Demo version.I have imported the 3d layout of the city that I created in AutoCAD into sketchup. Now for each of the buildings that I have positioned in my city layout, I am looking for pre-existing building template that would be appropriate for that particular location in my layout.

For e.g, there is a provision of a multi-storeyed car park in my city layout. I am looking out if an appropriate building template for this kind of multi-storeyed building/carpark would be available in this Sketchup version that I can straight away make use of. If this is available, I would appreciate info on where is this available and what steps should I do for taking that building template and apply it in my city layout specific location?

Likewise, there are different building provisions that has been done in the city layout like a bus stand, multi-specialty hospital etc. for which I am searching for appropriate pre-existing building templates that I can straight away apply on that specific location in my sketchup layout directly.

I would highly appreciate your time and help in giving inputs on this. Thanks much in advance.


Check out the 3D warehouse and see what pops up there:


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