Textures Deleted 2020 to 2021

SketchUp 2021 has deleted all of my textures that I uploaded into the colors tab. In SketchUp 2020 and 2019, my textures stayed consistent. I have uploaded more than 100 textures into SketchUp and none of my lists or textures showed up in 2021. I tried to make a 2020 file that contained squares with all of my textures and then opened it in 2021 and sampled all the materials and dragged them into my color tool. Today when I opened SketchUp again, all of my textures were once again gone. I downloaded the textures from SketchUp texture club which only lets you download 15 a day AND I don’t know which textures I downloaded so that would be an insane amount of work to re-download all of my textures. Pointers? Is there any way I can pin textures so SketchUp won’t delete them?

Where did you save your textures? Hopefully not in the natively supplied materials folders. If you have’t removed the older version you should still be able to retrieve them. SketchUp 2021 did not delete your textures.

I saved them in New lists that I made myself. I haven’t removed the older version and I still have my model that contains all of the textures on individual squares. I am just unsure on how to get them from 2020 to 2021. And why, one I sampled my materials and dragged them into new lists in 2021 they disappeared the next day.

Look in Preferences>Files to find the path to where your materials were saved in SU2020. you can use that same path for SU2021 or probably better, you can go to that file location and copy your materials folders and paste them into the equivalent location for 2021.

You could open that model in 2021 and create a new materials folder as you did in the earlier version.

It’s not entirely clear what you did.

Best practice for saving textures, components, materials, styles, etc that are in window> preferences>files, is to save them in your Documents file. When save there the hassle of getting them into the next version of SketchUp or moving to a new computer is eliminated.

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