Texture palette has suddenly gotten smaller


My texture palette has suddenly lost all the textures that came with the program originally. What gives? No asphalt and concrete, no tiles, no B& W patterns, nothing. It only has a minimal set of textures now.


Screenshot of the Materials Palette, please ?


have you ‘clicked’ on the ‘brick’ and checked the dropdown menu?

that’s where all the SU materials live in the ‘Colors’ window on a mac…




here is what I get

Francisco A. Behr


Indeed, that looks like the materials that should be in the SketchUp application bundle are missing. Are you the type who is willing to go snooping down there, or a non-techie user?


copy this line off code and paste into SU menu >> Windows >> Ruby Console [bottom text input field]


it should return a list of all available, what do you see…




Somehow, the other materials are indeed missing. You could try reinstalling SketchUp, which should recreate them.