Texture/Material imports are desaturated

This is driving me crazy: I’ve created and adjusted a custom texture in Photoshop and all looks good when I add it to my materials. However, as soon as I apply the material to any geometry, it automatically desaturates, giving it a dull, faded, brownish patina to it all; even the preview icon in the Materials window desaturates.

When I check the source .jpg and .psd, everything is fine, so something is happening within SketchUp that messes it up and I can’t find a way to fix it or get SketchUp to stop screwing with the file on import.

Maybe you could share a sample SKP file with a texture that illustrates the issue. Otherwise it’s impossible to give you a good answer as to what is happening.

And I would try a PNG instead of a JPG.

(We need one of the Mac gurus to weigh in on this.)

post a skp with a couple of ‘bad’ materials, and the original files…

it could easily be a Style setting giving the impression of desaturation…

is the issue the same when you avoid jpg’s? i.e. tif, png, psd

on a mac, that is my order of preference for quality images, tif being the highest…


I’ve encountered the problem with both .png and .jpg, so the format doesn’t appear to matter. Unfortunately I cannot share the .skp file or the textures as I’m presently working with stuff that’s under NDA. I’ve uploaded some screenshots that help illustrate the problem, though.

This is a screenshot taken of a segment of one of the textures I’m using as it appears within Photoshop, Affinity, and Preview.

Since I’m a new user and can only put one image per post, this is gonna take a few posts…

When I import them into SketchUp things seem fine at first.

But then I apply the textures to geometry in the model and, without touching any settings that I’m aware of, they desaturate. It should be noted that the center segment - which has its own unique texture applied - is the color the two sides SHOULD be, even when accounting for shadows and gradients. For whatever reason, that center texture applies without any problem, but applying the other two results in something muddy.

After applying, even the thumbnails desaturate.

I really wish I could just upload the .skp file and let y’all monkey with it, but I hope these thumbnails at least better explain the problem I’m having.

Sorry. Those images, especially the tiny little thumbnails, don’t help to identify the problem. Can you get this to happen with an image and model that isn’t covered by your NDA? If so, maybe you could share the SKP file for that.

I think this should work. The same problem is happening, so I’ve attached a .skp with the texture acting up, and the original texture file .jpg.

Texture Problem.skp (445.4 KB)

…which is showing up inline as desaturated besides being fine when opened.

I must be missing something… the SKP file you posted, and the image both show the same texture, as far as I can tell…

One side was the original file, the other is painted with a copy of your jpg, downloaded and imported.

They seem to look the same…

That’s the problem. Open the .jpg I posted by itself in Preview, Paint, whatever will open a standalone .jpg. It should be bright orange like in the first screenshot I posted. But when I posted the file itself, the forum here is also showing it with a reduced brightness and contrast, and when imported into SketchUp, the B&C go way down.

The original file should be showing bright, vibrant colors. When imported into SketchUp it gets dark and muddy.

I’m not seeing the bright orange color in the image you uploaded before Aaron’s screenshot. the Banner segment jpg file you upload is not bright like in your earlier posts.

When you download “Banner Segment.jpg” and open it on your computer in something other than SketchUp - something like Preview or Paint or even Photoshop - it it still showing up as muddy and brown, or does it show up bright orange like in “Original Color.png”?

Here it is in the Windows viewer.

I’d call it brown.

Wow. That’s bizarre as hell. This is how it looks in Preview, right next to the SketchUp file it with applied.

Well, You’re seeing it as brown in SketchUp. Aaron and I see the same thing. Only Preview seems to be showing it as orange. I would be suspicious of Preview instead of SketchUp.

I get the same bright orange in Safari, Photoshop CC, Affinity Photo, and in Outlook and Mail when sent as an email attachment. Though, interestingly, I get something between the orange and the brown - though closer to the brown - when I open it in Firefox.

Something odd going on, right there… here is what Preview shows me… consistent color… Consistently brown…

That image has a color sync profile attached to it. When you remove the color sync profile you have attached by doing (on Mac, from Terminal)

sips -d profile --deleteColorManagementProperties

You get exactly the dulled image. You’ve somehow applied a color sync profile to correct it, which Preview picks up.

To see the color sync profile, in SketchUp right click on texture and click “Edit Texture Image”. That image opens in Preview.app, so hit cmd-I and look at it: General Info says you have a Color Sync profile of “HDR DCI P3/D65 Display - White Point D65, EOTF SMPTE ST 2084” applied to it.

So fix that.

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