Texture file name error on exporting to XPlane

Hello, can you help? I have drawn a 3D model in SketchUp for export to XPlane as an .obj file. I created a texture file and successfully added the textures to the model. When I try to export to XPlane an error message says I have used an incorrect texture file name. I cannot find any way of renaming the file that changes this error message. I assume the problem texture file is embedded in the models .skip file but trying to text edit that simply produces what looks like Chinese characters! Short of redrawing the model and using a different texture file name is there anyway of saving my work? I am using SketchUp 2017 on the IMac.

If I remember right, the .obj format is so old that it only supports texture names that are in the 8.3 format, ASCII characters only.

Thank you for the reply. Yes I understand the name error, I used spaces when none are allowed. However, I can’t change the file name to correct it. Changing the name in Mac Finder doesn’t work as the SketchUp file constantly refers to to original name. Even deleting the old texture file the SketchUp model still refers to the faulty file name. Very frustrating.

Why can’t you change the name of the material in SketchUp ?
The texture file itself is saveable outside of SketchUp…
e.g. “A B.jpg”
Rename that and re-link it as a new texture image file within that material’s settings within SketchUp…
e.g. “AB.jpg”
After that you should be able to redo the export…

Hi TIT thanks for the reply. Yes that’s what I thought. Simply rename the texture file and reimport to SketchUp materials. Just wouldn’t work. I deleted the faulty titled texture file and inserted a new correctly named one. Every time I tried it the old deleted file reappeared. I think, but don’t know, that SketchUp absorbs the texture file into the model .skp file. I couldn’t edit that either.
In the end I had to redraw the model and use a correctly titled texture file. Lost a days work but finished now and successfully exported into XPlane.