SketchUp 2017 on the Mac Image editor won’t load

Hi can anyone help. I have created a model and textured it using my own texture .png file from Gimp. Unfortunately I added spaces in the file name and it won’t export to XPlane. Error message tells me to edit texture file name but I can’t find it within SketchUp. When I try to edit the texture error message says “failed to start image editor”. Tried renaming .png file in finder but sketchbook still loads original file name with model. I’m using an old iMac running macOS Big Sur 11.7.10.

If you can rename the image in Finder you could then try editing the material inside SketchUp and replace the texture with the one you renamed.

Thanks Anssi but I have done that without success. SketchUp keeps telling me the image editor failed to load!

You shouldn’t need the image editor. The materials editor in the Mac is different from PC so I cannot tell the exact steps you should follow.

You could go into SketchUp Preferences, Applications, and make sure the external editor is set to something that exists.