Failed to start image editor


There’s this error comming up if I’d like to edit a texture in my.sketchup saying:

Failed to start image editor.

Is this still WIP or is there a workaround?
Or may there be another possibility to integrate own textures into my.sketchup?

Thanks for your help


Hi Roger,

We are still flying the ‘beta’ flag as we work through the rest of our implementation, thanks for spotting this bug! We have not yet implemented a material editing UI in my.SketchUp, but we’re releasing new features as fast as we can write them.


How do i add Text?

Yeah, im getting the same thing. Just trying to add a jpg as a surface. Any other ways to get this accomplished?


Download the model and open it in your locally installed version of SketchUp. Do what you need to do there and upload it back.


i looked in the Chrome web store. not finding the sketchup app. Any ideas?


Really? Did you try the big red button here?


I’m using a chromebook. The download is only for MAC and Windows


Then you’re out of luck. You’ll just have to wait since my.SketchUp is still in beta.

Or I suppose you could hire someone to do it for you.


Thanks… I think