Texture A/O Baking in Sketchup?

Hi , so i have been wondering if there is an easier way to bake textures rather than using Photoshop , is there any plugin that does it ? I want the texture files to be baked not plugins like Vray or others which bake it and just show a preview , i want to export model with texture files baked aswell . i know photoshop can be used for that but it is hectic if there was another way ?
Thanks .

This, I think, would be a good feature request for the LightUp plugin, wouldn’t it, @AdamB ?

Not sure if this is exactly what you’re looking for, but Twilight has this render-to-texture add-on that bakes rendered textures directly into the model. It’s a paid add-on ($59) and requires a Twilight Pro license ($99). Might be worth checking out:


How about rendering to an image file and using the result as a PhotoMatch background, and applying the image to the model faces from there? Might work OK in simple cases.

Sure, LightUp (https://light-up.co.uk) does all this. You can export the lightmaps and model as FBX or DAE.

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