Baking Textures



I am using Kubity to showcase my models in VR, and I read that if you use texture baking, it will improve the textures in the model within Kubity. I currently use Lightup to render, mostly for still images and I generally use AO as my models are used to create shoebox style floor plans.

I have searched a lot and I can’t seem to find a simple explanation of texture baking vs full rendering. Somewhere I read that you can render the model in Lightup and export the lighting as fbx, then import with an extension but I don’t kno what to do there. I went ahead and tried rendering in Lightup and exporting the lighting as an fbx,but I’m not sure I have used the correct settings in the Capture tool bar.

My ultimate goal is to have baked textures included in the .skp file so I can then upload them to Kubity.

Thanks for your help and your patience, as I am still very much a newbie. :slight_smile:


The way I understand it, correct me if I’m wrong, baking is a 3D render and rendering is a 2D render.

There might be a baking extension that is compatible with Kubity. Here’s one extension, but no promises on it being compatible…

Another cool way to visualize architectural designs is with Unity. You can make walkthroughs of floor plans & edit the textures. One of the upsides to this is it allows you to walk realtime through the building with video game controls. You can even export the walkthrough and send it to someone with Google Drive or something, so they can tour the building.


Thanks so much-

With Lightup you can render in realitime 3D, do fly throughs, and self-guided tours in a luca file, but not VR- so I do use it mostly for 2D still image output. The agency that I’m working with for the floorpalns specifically wants to use Kubity, so I have to find a way to work within their limitations. I did look into Unity for other projects and it looks great so I’m homping to use that in the future.

I will check out the video and see if it works for my purposes. Thanks again for the help :slight_smile:


According to an earlier thread, you can also export from LightUp as a Collada (DAE) file, and re-open that in SketchUp.


Ok I did see this but forgot about that option- the problem is I am not sure how to control the type of file that I’m exporting in Lightup. I know where to export the lighting, but there are various options available and I’m not sure which one to use. I read on a lightup forum to export as a single layer, but sketchup has been crashing everytime I try that. Are you familiar with lightup by any chance? In any case thanks for your help.


Kubity will texture with it’s own textures, but will enhance the texture capabilities largely, this autumn!


Wow! That’s great news! I’ve been pleased with texture quality in Kubity already but was trying to push for a bit more enhancement so that’s something I will look forward to. Thanks as always!


Sorry I’m late to the discussion, but you can easily bake textures with lighting into your SketchUp model textures, so that you can export to Kubity using Twilight Render.
Twilight Render Texture Baking in SketchUp video tutorial: