Shapespark - real-time archviz in a browser



I would like to present Shapespark - a desktop tool and a SketchUp extension to create real-time architectural visualizations that run in a web browser.

SketchUp extension allows to place light sources and export the model to the tool. To achieve realistic lighting Shapespark uses lightmap baking (lightmap UVs are generated automatically). Baked model can be uploaded and presented on the web.

There is also an option to explore the visualizations in VR thanks to the emerging WebVR standard. Google Cardboard is supported on Android (Chrome, Firefox) and iOS (Safari). Using the Oculus Rift is also possible, but for now it requires development versions of the browsers.

The GIF below shows how the baking process makes the lighting more realistic:

and this one is a real-time capture of a presentation (created by

If you are interested, please visit to see example visualizations and get a fully-featured trial.

I will gladly answer all questions and will appreciate your feedback.

Best regards,
Wojciech Matyjewicz