Texturable Ground Plane


No added buttons, just a little extra functionality.


While not a full solution as it applies to rendering only, you can apply a texture to an Infinite Plane in VRAY. See this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Oed9y1e6EM.

You could also create the look you want using a watermark, though that has it’s own limitations too.


I don’t think it would work as the ground is not a mirror of the skybox. The skybox is a flat projection but the floor would indeed need to be an actual plane in order to have perspective on the ground. I don’t think SketchUp can generate that type of Geometry (afaik).


liamk887 - what would not work? Are you referring to embedding textures to ground natively as Forestr is requesting?


Yes, the sky is a flat projected image, however if you wanted to texture the floor you could not project it without messing up the perspective. So I do not think it would be an easy fix.

Take this example in Thea, the ‘Sky’ is simimlar to SketchUp now, a flat projected plane. However the ‘Ground’ is geometry as the ‘texture’ needs to be adjusted depending on the camera angle. Does that make more sense?

So I don’t know how it could be implemented in SketchUp without actually adding an infinite plane function, and I am not sure how well it could handle something like that.


I think I get what you’re saying now…Check out this test of saving a very large ground plane texture and then linking it as a background watermark. As long as the camera view is set to the same height and “2point Perspective”, you’ll get a textured ground all the time.


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