Infinite Plane for making ground

I remember making an infinite plane for ground, and I believe I used a native SketchUp tool.

Infinite plane is specific to VRAY and thus requires that extension installed and licensed.

I remember making a banana and I believe I used a yellow skinned marmoset with serious acting ability. But nobody understood me.
On the other hand, the ground plane is infinite already.
Could you give us an example or some sort of issue to explain your problem.

Or see above.

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I’ve never used V-Ray. Maybe infinite plane is/was a tool with Twilight Render?

Some idiot above did ramble on but made a good point.

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Twilight has an infinite plane under it’s “Object” menu selection. Of course SketchUp appears to come with one if you choose to display Ground with Styles.

I am wary of claims that any of these is really “infinite” though.


Just for the visual explanation of what myself and others have said here…

In styles, you can check ‘Ground’ to show and pick color/transparency:

This ‘ground plane’ is a visual for SU only as it’s not actual geometry and therefore will not show up in renders:

With VRAY, Twighlight, or whichever, you can add an infinite plane that by all accounts, appears to be infinite:

For VRAY, it comes in by default as white but you can apply a color or material to it:

In this case, I’ve applied an ocean waves material to the infinite plane to give me an ‘infinite ocean’:

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Been working hard on your yacht lately?