VRay Infinite plane issue

Hi All, I’ve started taking a lookout at using VRay with SU for architectural renders. I am currently assessing the free version. I have come across an issue that I am unsure about. I have placed an infinite plane into the scene but I am getting an inference distortion pattern with areas of my model that are flat planes created on the original SU ground. I have tried using a large rectangle instead of the infinite plane but I always seem to end up seeing a far edge in some of the scenes that I create. Any help as ever greatly appreciated.

Move Infinite Plane down (Z-axis) a little (1 cm or as necessary so that it no longer intersects with the geometry in SketchUp)

Driveway does not look flat and is not a single plane. Do not use Vray so cant answer your question but I would check the driveway in SU.

The distortion is because you have Z fighting - 2 surfaces trying to occupy the same space. Move the model and the ground plane up a bit, or move the infinite plane down. I’ve only used the infinite plane a few times and I made sure it was below my ‘ground plane’ that I created in SKP.

I usually generate a large ground / terrain to work with in SKP and intersect it with the model, deleting anything interior to it that might cause issues.

Yeah I did think of moving the plane down that but as the plane will then be below world ground there will be some small shadows cast?

The large rectangle is my usual technique too but I was hoping the infinite plane would remove the need for that, especially as in some scenes the edge of the large rectangle can be seen

If it is the scale of a building and you move it 1/2cm (or less, depending on the z-fighting) you might not see the difference in shadow.You’d have to test it.

Thanks everyone for your replies. Have to give it a few trials to see which works best. At least now I have confirmed why it’s happening. Cheers