Text tool to display area

I have just updated and noticed that the text tool no longer defaults to display the area.
Can this be done in Make2016?

What is it you’re clicking on to anchor the tool? In order to get an area, it must be on a face. Not an edge, endpoint or group. And yes it’s available in SketchUp 2016.

whet I was using 16 it automatically defaulted to show the area when I selected on a face whereas now it is defaulting to ‘Enter text’

using 17 now

How about uploading an example file that shows this?

In your first post you wrote:[quote=“dazzathekiwi, post:1, topic:46828”]
Can this be done in Make2016?

Which version are you really using?

I am clicking on a face

Make 2017 just upgraded it and have lost the functionality I had

For the second time, upload an example file that shows the problem.

sorry I don’t know how to do that

Use the Upload button, 7th from the left above the field where you enter your text in the Reply window.

41 Helmores Lane Dimensions.skp (94.5 KB)

I have just reloaded it and it seems to be working again. I am not sure what I did but it appears to be resolved.
Thanks for your help

It works fine for me in SketchUp 2017.

Thank you

Reloaded what? The model?

Did you install SketchUp correctly by right clicking on the installer file and choosing Run as administrator?

Is this the roof on your house? Or is this for a house you are building? Looks like a crazy roof.

a friends house


yeah a bit odd due to the sites shape and height restrictions. Thankfully all is working good at this end now. I think I may have been on the layer I was tracing from

I see what you mean.

Make sure you installed SketchUp correctly as above.

Hmmm… There’s only one layer in the file you shared. And Layer 0 should always be left as the active layer so you would always be working on that layer.

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