Sketchup Labels: Area not Autopopulating


I use Sketchup mostly to make concept sketches for school layouts on uploaded jpg floor plans I receive from realtors.

I most frequently draw rectangles on the floor plans and label them with the surface area they represent.

I am trying to figure out how to use the label function to automatically display the square footage of a rectangle. When I use it now, it simply says “Enter Text”. If I hover it over an edge, it will automatically populate the length of that edge. If I hover it over an endpoint, it gives the cartesian coordinates of that point. One time only, I accidentally managed to get it to display the SFT of a face, but I haven’t been able to recreate this.

I’ve googled and googled, and it seems this is supposed to happen when I use the label function on a face, so I am not sure if I am not doing it right, whether I have somehow disabled the autopopulate of surface area, or?

Any help is appreciated.


Use Text tool, You can display three items automatically, depending on what you click: Area (On Face) , Length (On Edge) and Coordinates (On endpoints):

so if that’s not working for you on faces, the question arises: are there any faces to select?

Upload the file, so we can check

Here is my sketchup file, as well as a screenshot showing one label placed on the face (which says “Enter Text”) and another being started saying “On Face in Image”.

1900 W Lawrence.skp (651.6 KB)

Put the image on a separate layer, turn that layer off and it will work. The text tool is ‘Z-fighting’ with the area’s…

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It works. That’s so bizarre. Thank you!

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