Area Value in AutoText

The FACEAREA Attributes seems to fall very short - is there (or best) way to pull an area (Face Area or Volume) into an AutoText in Layout?

How does it fall short?

Hi @DaveR

Are the units displayed determined by the Unit Setting in Sketchup?


Yes.Set the Area units as desired in SketchUp and the area units will carry over in the label auto text

Perfect! Thankyou.


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This AutoText cannot be combined with other Attributes from Dynamic Components. It’s one of the other.

Ah… You didn’t specify that in your initial post.

Sorry - you can display multiple Attributes, but there’s not a “area” Attribute you can use along with the others. This is why the Attribute “FACEAREA” falls short.

A workaround could be a second label with its properties having no end points and dots @100x

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Yes, that is a workaround, but it is a bit off a hassle, though.
Even if you set up some combined labels in a scrapbook, make a group of them and then insert it, it won’t pick up the reference to the Component ID.
The only quick way to set it up is to have the different attributes concatenated in a Dynamic Component, and refer to that with the autotext ‘<DynamicComponent(mylabel)> ‘

Edit: it won’t parse html tags like </p>, so you would have to convert the autotext to normal text…

I suggest to only put a sample of the “invisible” leader style in scrapbook, then sample it to format as required after placing the multiple leaders set to each data set

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