Multiple autotexts per label

Hi all,

I have a rooftop with a few pergolas and I want to create a schematic with labels showing each pergola’s name and area. Unfortunately, labels only let you select one of the two. So I tried typing the auto-texts manually but as you can see, Layout only ever recognizes one of them.
Is it a limitation of the program, or can I achieve that using different syntax?

If you made a component instead of a group, you could add the Component’s name and the area to the Description field and use that for the auto text. That’s how I automatically create labels like these. I had an extension written that fills the description fields automatically with the dimensions. It doesn’t have an option for area but it might be possible to modify the extension.

Or you could make a Dynamic Component that includes the name and the area as a field to be selected.

You mean write the autotext in the description (e.g. " < ComponentDefinition>") But what if you want just one surface’s area? In this example, I have cubes of which I need the top face’s area…

Could you my good sir, be so kind as to share said extension? :slight_smile:

No. I mean type the component’s name and the area for the surface you are after into the Description field for the component.

You can get Component Descriptor from Sketchucation. It only works on components though. Groups don’t have a description field anyway.

So, you mean manually? If it changes you have to type it again?
(and to make sure the initial question is answered: Layout cannot recognize more than one autotext in one label?)

Yes. Or if that’s too onerous, you can do the other thing I suggested and make a Dynamic Component that has the info you want in a field that can be used as auto text. Set up the area with a formula using LenX and LenY so if you change the size, the area updates automatically.

Very Onerous (just learned a new word, thanks!!!) If you have to deal with many objects, it quickly adds up.
I will try the second method you said. maybe I’ll make a ‘template’ dynamic component and fill it with each new model.
I think I’m going to make a suggestion though. It seems very limiting not to be able to make multi-text labels… (and it sounds like an easy thing to do)

Yes. Having multiple auto text fields in a label could be very useful and maybe that’s a feature that will be added some day. I was just trying to give you options for things you can do right now to get on with the job at hand.

Yes, and you helped a lot!
If we ever find ourselves in the same city, I promise to buy one beer!

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