Is there a complete list of commands you can use in Auto-text?

I’ve been putting 2023.1 to task and can see a huge improvement in Layout’s performance! Well done!

Looking at many of the new commands in auto-text enabled scrapbook entities I’m wondering if someone has compiled a full list; they don’t appear on the website Auto-Text Tags. I see more included with this update such as: <Coordinates(z)> and in the previous update: etc. I’m looking for a complete list that can be inserted.

Thank you in Advance

Interesting ‘SceneDescription’ within <> disappeared when I hit enter yet ‘Coordinates(z)’ didn’t.

I don’t know of a complete list. It’s probably endless for label Auto Text since any text fields for components can be used. This includes fields added as Dynamic Component properties which can be custom fields. You can also create an endless list of Auto Text entries for regular text boxes in Document Setup.

I don’t see SceneDescription going blank. I could induce it to go blank if I put a space in the Scene Description field in the SketchUp file. I did that for the scene used in the top left corner but I didn’t put anything in the description for the one at the lower right.

Please update your forum profile. It says you’re using SketchUp 20.

Without getting into dynamic components… I think these are the remaining ones not referenced in the Auto-Text Tags link:

SceneName, SceneDescription, Scale, Ratio, ComponentDefinition, ComponentDescription, ComponentInstance, ComponentDefinitionAttribute(Price), ComponentDefinitionAttribute(Size), ComponentDefinitionAttribute(Url), GroupName, Volume, FaceArea, EdgeLength, Coordinates(x,y,z), Coordinates(x), Coordinates(y), <Coordinates(z)>

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Oh and SectionName, SectionSymbol

Thanks, Dave

I was looking into the component attributes before I made this post to match some of the new ones there; now I think you confirmed what I was suspecting. Thank you. The second ‘Reply’ I made was about adding the brackets, <>, in this (forum) text box. 2 sets of text disappeared when I hit publish, which was odd. Didn’t happen in SU. N Mason posted a great list below. (above)

Thank you! This is a great help.

Was looking at the SU Functions and I think I’ll check if (“materialName”) will return the Material; ie Paint colour on a wall and in a Table FACEAREA(“materialName”) for the total area in the model. Could be useful for take-offs, have to play…

Thx again.

Hi all, here is a complete list of our AutoText tags.

I will work to get the help center articale updated with them as well.

Default Non-mandatory ones

  • Author
  • Company
  • Address
  • PageNumber
  • PageName
  • FileName
  • CurrentDate
  • DateCreated
  • DateModified
  • DatePublished
  • PageCount

Mandatory ones

  • GroupName
  • ComponentInstance
  • ComponentDefinition
  • ComponentDescription
  • Volume
  • FaceArea
  • FaceLength
  • Coordinates
  • DynamicComponent
  • Classifier
  • ComponentInstanceAttribute
  • ComponentDefinitionAttribute
  • SceneName
  • SceneDescription
  • Scale
  • SectionName
  • SectionSymbol
  • Ratio

Thank you very much!