Floor plan layout using rectangles with dynamic area label

I’ve been playing around a few days (newbie) and watched a fair amount of tutorials. I’m wanting to layout a new floor plan from scratch, and would like to work out the basic rooms prior to going 3d. Using rectangles and stretching works well, but is there a square footage label that is dynamic. I started with a spreadsheet and area per space, and would like the label to update as I stretch various rectangles. Do I have to go to layout or pro to find such a tool?

If the “Info” docker is visible, then a surface’s area will be shown (assuming it’s selected). If you select a line to stretch it then the info panel will show that line’s length - you just need to click on the surface for it to update.

Sounds like Tig’s Area text tag would work for you.

I think I’m following that part. Was hoping the pushpin text label would update like the dimensions.

Thanks - ‘box’, what I was looking for.