Area Labels - why do they not update?

In SketchUp, a dimension will update automatically if the edge is resized.

But an Area Label will not update if a face is resized.

Should it not be the same as a dimension?

Also, when an area label is added, and the face is resized, the area label commonly flies off into a different place…it’s not attached properly. This can cause zoom scale issues and clipping (and other issues). I would like to see the area label attached properly (even if it’s put into a different layer to the face).


The ‘area’ as Text is a snapshot of the associated face at the moment you added the tag.
There are Extensions which give you Area-Tags which will update to the face’s current area - either automatically or when instructed to do so.
Look in the SketchUcation PluginStore - there are mine and Fredo’s… [==> ReportLabelArea tools] [required by all Fredo’s Extensions]

I am using the area by material property in a component that I use as a space object for a room finish schedule. And when I change the size of the face it doesn’t update until I force it by hitting redraw. I think it’s buggy.