Text Tool Settings

On the web app for schools, how do you change the default text size for the leader text (A1 tool)? I want to change it document-wide. I understand you can change it for each individual text with Edit Info under right Click or Control-click on mac.



Select all of the leader text in the model space and then make the change.

I am looking for a way where it can be changed a head of time before students use the tool. On the desktop version this was done in model info this option is not available on the web app

Yes. On the desktop version you an create a template with the settings you want. On the web version there isn’t an explicit way to create and save a template, though. It appears from testing that on the web version you have tomodify the text entities after they are created.

How do you use the desktop version to create templates? The only License I have access to is Sketchup for schools web app.

With the Desktop version you can set up what is basically a blank model file with propeties set such as text size, dimension units, style, etc. Then you use File>Save as template to save it. In the web versions you would create a new blank file with the desired style and units. As I wrote, though, text settings aren’t saved for future text entities on the web version.